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Social media is a useful thing. If not for Facebook and Twitter, how would we tell the world what he had for breakfast or share pictures of our children? But might these online platforms be used for more?

According to a great Business2Community post titled “Six Tips for Using Social Media to Land a Job,” you just might tweet your way to a dream job. In a recent Jobvite study, 94 percent of recruiters said they’ve used or plan to use social media to find candidates, and 78 percent said they’ve made a hire because of social media.

So how do you use social media to make your next career move? Read on to get some great advice.

1. Clear Away the Dirt — Is your Facebook page filled with photos of you boozing it up? Have you been tweeting controversial opinions about the news of the day? Hop on these pages and clean ’em up. Employers look at this stuff.

2. Make Professional Profiles — When you write your profiles for social-media sites, keep in mind that hiring managers will likely read them. Present yourself in a professional manner, and choose a photo that sends the right message.

3. Prove Your Knowledge — Instead of posting nonsense, link to articles having to do with your field.

4. Connect With Others — The whole point of social media is to be “social,” and that means reaching out to others in your field. Don’t simply ask for jobs or post about yourself, though. “Instead, comment, share insights and engage with people as you would if you were talking in person,” advises the author of the Business2Community post.

5. Look like an Expert — Post and comment about industry trends, and be sure to always stay on top of things.

6. Search for Jobs — Social media is supposed to be hip and new, but some functions are pretty classic. Take, for instance, job-searching capabilities. LinkedIn has a searchable database, and by using a hashtag like #accountingjobs on Twitter, you can look for opportunities.

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