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Every now and then, we all get the urge to change jobs. This is only natural. When contemplating whether to make the bold move of jumping ship, though, there’s a lot to consider. As Jessica Stillman of Inc. writes in a helpful Daily Muse post, you can sometimes improve your situation by simply adjusting your attitude, not hitting the want ads. Other times, you’ve to get out while the getting is good.

One surefire sign it’s time to leave: You’re no longer feeling challenged at work. How do you know you’re in this situation? Stillman’s story is called “3 Signs You’re Too Smart for Your Job,” and it outlines a trio of warning signs you should watch out for.

“When you have a lot to bring to a job, you want your muscles exercised,” says Liz Ryan, founder and CEO of Human Workplace. “You want your brain to be busy.”

Read on to see whether your job is keeping your brain as busy as it should be.

1. Your Coworkers Are In a Rut — There’s something safe and comfortable about always tackling projects the same way. But that’s no way to build skills and push yourself into becoming a smarter, more creative, more capable employee. If your coworkers aren’t into “frame-shifting ideas,” as Ryan calls them, it’s time to start looking around for new opportunities.

2. There’s a Lack of Mentors — Is there anyone at your job who challenges and/or inspires you? If the answer is no, it might be time to head for the door.

3. Your Company Lacks Vision — People are at their best when they’re working toward something. When you’re far along in your career, Stillman writes, you’re the one establishing the vision and guiding your team. Before you reach those senior levels, though, you depend on the higher-ups to steer you in the right direction. If your managers aren’t doing this, it’s yet another sign you should head for greener pastures.

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