Drake is a wise man, but he doesn’t know everything. The Toronto rapper famously popularized the phrase “no new friends,” and while there’s some value to that motto — especially when you’re a super rich hip-hop star that needs to watch out for money-grubbing opportunists — they’re hardly the three words you want to live by. That’s according to author and life coach Pervis Taylor, III, who’s written a terrific piece for Black Enterprise titled “Why ‘No New Friends’ May Be Blocking Your Success.”

In his work as a life coach, Taylor says, he’s constantly working to teach clients about the importance of relationships. “We do not realize how important relationships are to our overall success in life,” he writes. “The success we seek is directly related to the success of our relationships.” With that in mind, read on to find out why he thinks Drake may be dead wrong about friends.

1. Friendship Helps Us Grow — No matter how smart we think we are, we need other people to teach us things, offer new perspectives, and generally enrich our lives. If we want to grow and evolve and become better people, it’s crucial that we surround ourselves with people from different backgrounds with ideas foreign from our own. “Moreover, when we are open to expanding our network, we get to a chance to have a more enriched human experience,” Taylor writes. “This can also lead to a richer business life as well as personal.”

2. Our Breakthrough Could Be One Person Away — The next friend you make might just be the person that connects you with that company you’ve been dying to work for. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you missed out on that opportunity — simply because you were following the advice of a rapper? Next time someone chats you up at the coffee shop or in line at the bank, say hello and be friendly.

3. We Learn from Others’ Mistakes — One of the best thing about having lots of friends is that they, like you, will invariably make mistakes, and you can learn from them. Conversely, the people in your life will often succeed, and when they do, it’s helpful to take stock of what actions they took to get ahead. These might be useful in your own life.

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