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If you’re in the process of looking for a job, you already have one: salesperson. That’s according to Jim Stroud, who recently penned a great piece for Glassdoor titled “3 Ways to Sell Yourself and Get the Job You Want.” As Stroud rightfully points out, job interviews are basically sales pitches, and the product you’re selling is you. You want to come across as confident, qualified, and personable, and by following Stroud’s advice, you’ll stand a terrific chance of doing just that.

“Even if you despise the very idea of saying ‘satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back,’ following a few rudimentary steps can push you into the favor of the hiring party,” Stroud writes. Read on to see his suggested steps.

1. Do Your Research — Before the job interview, it’s not enough to research the company. You want to delve into the position itself and learn more about similar roles at other companies. That way, you can ask questions regarding how the company is looking to overcome challenges facing others in the industry. It might also be helpful to contact other people who’ve done the job or held similar positions.

2. Prepare to Defend Your Qualifications — As Stroud writes, the job-search process may pit you against people with better experience and qualifications. If the interviewer questions your background, you’ll need to be ready to talk up your accomplishments and prove why you’re just as qualified — if not more qualified — than other folks they’ve interviewed. Stroud suggests doing a point-by-point breakdown of the job description and demonstrating how you’ve succeeded in each key area.

3. Be Gracious — When the interview is over, send thank-yous and be pleasant, even if they don’t offer you the position. Another opportunity might open up at the company later on, and it’s always possible the recruiter will land elsewhere, and that you’ll cross paths again. It’s best to make a good impression on everyone involved.

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