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Self-improvement doesn’t have to be about making radical changes. If you’re looking to be better at work — and in your day-to-day life — the answer might lie in simple tweaks you can make to things you’re already doing. In a spot-on post for the Daily Muse, Peter Economy of Inc. outlines “8 Things to Do Every Day to Be Better at Work (and Life),” and none of the things he proposes are super challenging. All they require is for you to adjust your thinking and attitudes every so slightly, and once you do, you’re bound to be a happier, more productive person. Read on to get his advice.

1. Picture Success — Pro athletes often talk about visualizing success, and it’s not just a bunch of psychobabble. Set realistic goals, think about how you’ll get there, and imagine how awesome it’ll feel when you reach the finish line.

2. Take One Thing at a Time — If you’re juggling a million things at once, you’re bound to feel bogged down and overwhelmed. Truly effective people know how to prioritize and devote their attention to the most pressing things first.

3. Get Away from That Desk — Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, take time every day and get the blood flowing.

4. Be OK With Saying “No” — It’s great to be a team player, and it’s only natural to want to take on lots of assignments and prove yourself to higher-ups, but sometimes, you’ve got to say enough’s enough. “If you aren’t sure that you can take something on, say no, or defer the task, or delegate the work to someone on your team who has both the time and the expertise to complete it,” Economy advises.

5. Use Time Wisely — Avoid distractions whenever possible, Economy advises, and even if you have an “open-door policy,” which is a good thing to have, don’t let people eat up all your time.

6. If You Need Help, Ask For It — Don’t let ego stand in the way of admitting you need a hand. Just be smart about it. “Ask for help judiciously, however, by seeking advice from people whose opinions and values are aligned with yours and those of the organization,” Economy writes.

7. Listen Up — There are few things more important than being a good listener. Unless you like misunderstandings and the needless work they inevitably create.

8. Appreciate What You Have — A satisfied person is a more productive person, so take time every day to be thankful for what you’ve achieved. That said, don’t become complacent or lazy.

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