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Just about every job interview ends the same way: Do you have any questions for us? Hiring managers always ask this, and it’s a golden opportunity to showcase your smarts and personality and show how much you’ve researched the company. In a great post for the LGBT job site Career Proud, Graeme Imrie outlines “Five Great Questions to Close an Interview” — queries that will allow you to leave on a high note and increase your chances of getting a callback.

“The questions you ask are an opportunity to gain more intelligence on the position and company,” Imrie writes. “They’re your closing salvo and give the interviewer further insight into your personality and work style.”

Imrie’s tips are hardly specific to LGBT job seekers, so regardless of your sexual orientation, you’ll find lots of great information in the list that follows.

1. “What do you need the most from a person in this position?” According to Imrie, this one will make you look like a team player, and that’s always a good thing. It also suggests you’re personable and want to establish a good rapport.

2. “What ‘hot button’ might I have to deal with in the first 60 days?” This says you’re practical, organized, and able to juggle day-to-day tasks with big-picture strategy. What’s more, Imrie writes, it’ll give you something to work off of for the second interview.

3. “How would you describe the culture of this organization?” Job interviews are about finding the right fit — both for you and the company — and by asking questions of this nature, you’ll show that you’re someone who likes to feel invested in a workplace. You’re not just someone who comes in, does your work, has a sandwich, and then goes home, never once looking up. And don’t forget, you’re interviewing them, too. “Moreover, their answers to this question will often either reaffirm for you whether you really want the job,” Imrie writes.

4. “May I address a question I hoped you’d ask?” If you have a skill you weren’t able to mention in the regular Q&A part of the interview, now’s your chance to get it on the table.

5. “What are the next steps?” Most people probably know to ask this, and for good reason: It shows that you’re interested, and that you’ve got the confidence to think you’ll make it to the next level.

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