Getting laid off can be quite a blow to the ego. Even if the dismissal wasn’t your fault, and the company was simply forced to downsize, it’s natural to blame yourself and wonder if you could have somehow made yourself more valuable. Focusing on such things isn’t helpful, as Elizabeth Lowman writes in a great piece for the Daily Muse, and the better strategy is to focus on the positive and tell yourself things that will inspire you and help you move on.

Lowman recommends that recently laid-off folks “resist the urge to let it define you or what you think you’re capable of achieving,” and while she admits it’s easier said than done, she offers three mantras that will help you get over the trauma and move on. Scroll down to see what they are.

1. It’s Not Your Fault — Or as Lowman puts it, “It’s not you, it’s them.” In our current economy, the reality is that most people are expendable, and to some extent, everyone is at risk of being laid off. If you get the ax, remember that firms are all about the bottom line, and that when the going gets tough, they have to cut expenses however possible. It’s not necessarily a reflection on your work or contributions.

2. You’re Not the Only One — As Lowman writes, Steve jobs and J.K. Rowling once got ousted from their jobs, and they went on to do great things. The same might be true for you — even if you don’t write Harry Potter or invent the iPhone.

3. Crisis = Opportunity — Know how you’ve been talking about going back to school or starting up a cupcake truck? Well, now might be your chance. Of course, getting laid off can create serious financial strain, and it’s not always a chance to take big risks and follow your dreams, but if the circumstances are right, and you can keep the landlord happy and lights on, why not reach for the stars?

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